Marbles in my mouth, they clatter, tumble,
Soften their edges on my teeth
Spill over like a million bubbles of truth.
Pour from my pen as honeybees in summer:
Burbling and busily exploring.

Sept 22/17

3 thoughts on “Words

  1. hey! i really like this piece. there are great images in here. i just wonder about the line “soften their edges on my teeth.” marbles don’t have edges. do they? so how can they be softened by teeth? But, of course, ignore me if they do. ignore me if they don’t!


    1. The words are the marbles, softened into round ‘perfect’ soft things before being loosed upon the world. 💗 I was thinking of how I tend to chew on what I say before saying it, so as to soften the harshness of speaking truth. 😉

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