Real talk

Let’s have some real talk. I write because if I don’t let it out my mind gets too loud and I can’t hear myself through the melee. I write little one-liners that pop into my head. Quick twirls of words that lilt well together. A flash of insight. A humorous moment-between strangers, observed. Untangling the what-if’s of any given situation, decision, cross road. My mind has a love affair with pretty turns of phrase, and an avoidance of commitment to spilling hard truths. I could paint you a gorgeous retelling of some sweet memory and it would be all pastels and honeysuckle, but to write down the gnarled and twisted aberrations of thought, spotlight high-beam the rough and bleeding, or tough and leaving, or confused and aching heart?

I know that’s where the good stuff lies. The heartbeat of any author’s best work is tapping in to the raw and the real and illuminating it. Holding it out to the light and saying Look, see? I’m just like you, you’re just like me. We’re gonna be okay. Look at how beautiful you are in all of your honesty. See the strength in you there, fighting each day to find one more good reason to drag yourself out of the muck. That’s the stuff that glues my pen. I’m here, in it with you, your biggest hurrah behind the scenes, and I blank. Blank. For me.

KDW (raw) Jan.’19

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