Pretty please

You believed if you built it they would come. Drawn in by your performance of perfection. So you painted away your flaws, laid a matte foundation on your skin, bought in to the lies force-fed to you in our media, simpered where you could have roared. Polished your pretty doorway and left no speck of your wild self. You silenced your voice lest the waves of your lilt deter them. Built yourself a tower of mirrors so the core of your glorious heart wouldn’t shatter their false perceptions. Stored scraps of attention in a box called affection. And when you learned , eventually, that they weren’t coming, you climbed out of your fortress and found that the silver in your hair, and the freckled sun kisses on your face, the jiggle in your step and your undying grace were all you ever needed. Beautiful girl, don’t you see? They’ll arrive or they won’t, and you’ll remain. Cherish that. Build on that.

kdw Jan ’19 (raw)

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